Friends of St Patrick’s College
Second Hand Uniform Shop

The Second-Hand Uniform Shop is operated on a voluntary basis by members of the Friends of St Patrick’s College. All time and effort are volunteered by parents and caregivers. Your direct contact for the shop is Cecilia Ross (Email or phone 027 616 1724).

We provide good, clean second-hand college uniforms for sale. Money raised through the sale of second-hand uniforms is donated back to St Patrick’s College by the Friends of St Patrick’s College, which provides:

• several annual student scholarships,
• an annual monetary gift to the college to purchase items to benefit the college students,
• support and hospitality at college functions, and
• uniforms for families in need.

Shop Location
The Second Hand Uniform Shop is located on the first floor of the Chanel block in Room 171 (just along from the library and opposite the Director of Sport's office). Access to the first floor of the Chanel block is via the ground floor doors at the southern end of the wet-weather area under the Chanel block (there is usually a temporary sign outside the ground floor doors). 

The shop will be open this year on the following dates:

  • Saturday 16 January: 10 – 12noon (by appointment)
  • Wednesday 20 January 4.30pm – 6.30pm (by appointment)
  • Monday 15 February: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Monday 1 March: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Monday 12 April: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Saturday 1 May: 10am-12pm (by appointment)
  • Monday 3 May: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Monday 14 June: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Monday 5 July: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Saturday 10 July: 10am-12pm (by appointment)
  • Monday 2 August: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Monday 6 September: lunchtime 1:40-2:20pm
  • Saturday 16 October: 10am-12pm (by appointment)
  • November/December TBA

For weekend openings please email with your preferred time and we will do our best to accommodate. You can also text 027 616 1724 on the morning to check availability.


Pricing Information
Second-hand prices are only a guideline and may vary due to the item’s condition.
New items are not available for sale at the second-hand uniform shop. Here’s a link to the NZ Uniforms St Patrick’s College webpage.

Payments can be made using CASH or EFTPOS.

Sorry, but we CANNOT process CREDIT CARDS.

Donating Items
All good, clean, resalable items are always welcome! There are two options for second-hand items:

Option 1: Donate all items with all profits going to the Friends of St Patrick’s College to offer services to the College.

Option 2: Sell your BLAZERS and JACKETS to the Friends of St Patrick’s College.

If going with option 2, you will need to complete a separate Second-Hand Uniform Purchase Agreement Form for each blazer/jacket being offered for purchase. Use the  highlighted link to get a form or you can get one from the College Receptionist.

Only blazers and jackets in very good condition will be considered for purchase. Blazers need to be dry-cleaned. NB: From 3 May 2021 we will no longer purchase the old style rain jacket [refer to image on left]. However these can still be worn and you are welcome to donate them to the shop.

If the Second-Hand Uniform Shop already has ample stock, we may decide not to purchase an item. The Friends of St Patrick’s College will pay $110 for a blazer and $50 for a jacket that it purchases.

Payment will be made by direct credit to your nominated bank account. Items can be handed into the College Office or directly to the Second-Hand Uniform Shop on one of the opening days. If an item is not purchased by the Friends of St Patrick’s College, you will be advised by email and the item will be returned to the School Office for collection. Any item not collected within a month of email advice being provided may be discarded. We welcome the donation of all college items of clothing however we will only consider purchasing blazers or jackets.

On behalf of the Friends of St Patrick’s College, THANK YOU for supporting our service and your College.

Cecilia Ross
Second Hand Uniform Shop Co-ordinator