St Patrick's College, Wellington

Young people need guidance and assistance as they progress through College, as they are involved in making many decisions which affect their futures. At the same time events in their lives can affect their ability to progress in their studies if they are not handled appropriately. Pastoral care of students is fundamental to the special character of St Patrick’s College. All staff are involved in pastoral care, but some have very specific roles.

Tutor Teachers have particular responsibilities for a group of students known as their Tutor Group. Tutor Teachers monitor a student’s progress, make sure a student’s behaviour facilitates his learning and that of others, and assist with any difficulties a student may encounter. Tutor Teachers also give advice on courses and refer students to specialist staff when necessary.

Ms Martina Byrne
Ms Alysha Dougherty Ms Hannah Gilmour
Ms Kaille Harris Mr Robert Lynch
Ms Penina Masoe Ms Lucy MacLeod
Mr Jarrad Porima Ms Alexandria Oldfield
Ms Carolyn Renata Ms Cathrine Skelton
Mr Luka Velebit
Mr Mitchell Watson  Mr Shane Wilson
Ms Helen Figueira Ms Sharron Kendall-Eldar
Miss Krystyna Geris Mr Ian McFadyen
Ms Vanessa Gray
Ms Kayleigh Hoffman
Mr Leigh Lidstone Ms Denise Moran
Mr Tim Reay Mr Andrew Sargent
Ms Kate Southall