St Patrick's College, Wellington


Everything students do at St Patrick’s College plays a part in developing personal confidence and self-discipline. Standards of behaviour and appearance are clearly stated to students, so they know exactly what is expected of them. The cornerstones of the College’s approach to discipline are:

– Respect for oneself

– Respect for others

– Respect for society

– Respect for the environment

These are placed within the context of loving God, loving one’s neighbour, and an appreciation of creation. Offences are seen as breaking down trust and friendship within the school community; and if they occur in classrooms, as infringements of the rights other students have to learn. A student’s right to learn without distraction from others is seen as paramount. Tutor Teachers and House Leaders play key roles in assisting students to change behaviour which is inappropriate, and parents are kept fully informed and involved if there is a problem.

Students are expected to maintain high standards in their personal appearance. This is part of being proud of themselves and of their College. It is also a vital part of preparing students for the world of work, where personal presentation can matter a great deal in achieving their ambitions.

The majority of students come to St Patrick’s College with good manners and courtesy acquired from their parents. These things are a valued part of the culture of the College, because they have as their basis consideration for others. All students are gently but firmly encouraged in these habits.