St Patrick's College, Wellington


To be a Catholic community that empowers our young men to become the best version of the person God created them to be.


We develop and educate our young men in a nurturing environment based on our Marist traditions and values. Each student is inspired to grow and excel supported by staff, parents, whanau, caregivers, and our wider community.

Our Motto – Sectare Fidem 

Hold firm to the Faith

St Patrick’s College has a proud history of providing high quality Catholic education in Wellington since 1885. We have a culture of high expectations and continuous improvement in all areas of school life: spiritual, academic, sporting, cultural and social, so our young men are sent out to be leaders of the Church and of the communities where they will live.

Our Strategic Focus Areas

An enduring Catholic and Marist character that embraces brotherhood, history, Tikanga Maori, community & Faith

Our goals…
1. Gospel values permeate all aspects of the College and our overarching lens is to communicate Christ in how we think, act and organise ourselves
2. Our Catholic and Marist character are overtly lived and celebrated within the College
3. Our practices honour the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi and promote Tikanga Maori and Te Reo
4. We celebrate our history, strive to build community and foster a positive brotherhood
5. We engage meaningfully with all our stakeholders

Holistic education that prepares boys for tomorrow’s world

Our goals…
1. Excellence in all aspects of teaching
2. Providing academic, spiritual, cultural and sporting opportunities for every student to participate or excel in
3. A curriculum that is fit for purpose, progressive and future focused
4. Teaching the skills needed for tomorrow’s world

A flexible, creative and progressive learning environment

Our goals…
1. Learning relationships between staff and students are strong and positive
2. Learning spaces that are fun, flexible and future proof
3. Learning tools and practices that are modern, engaging and innovative
4. Learning records that are accurate, accessible and user friendly
5. Learning facilities that are practical, safe, up to date and inviting

A school that embraces modern practices and technologies

Our goals…
1. Multimedia based learning is in every classroom
2. Digital technologies are a core feature of all our educational programmes
3. We use digital communications with students, parents and Boards
4. We run a modern office practice that is adaptive to changing needs

Our Core Values

Faith - Kia Ū, Kia Mau
Live and teach the values of Jesus Christ in the way of Mary, showing our love for God and serving our neighbour

Excellence - Ko te whai i te kairangatiratanga
Be the best we can in all aspects of College and personal life

Learning - Ako
Strive for academic success and nurture a love of learning

Community - Hapori
Build positive relationships with students and their families, staff and the wider community

Wellbeing- Hauora
Foster self-discipline, resilience, integrity and self-esteem in a safe and caring environment

Brotherhood - Manaakitanga
Show respect, care and support for each other with a commitment to social justice