St Patrick’s College takes attendance seriously. Contact will be made with a student’s home for any unaccountable absence or persistent lateness to school.

In the event of an absence parents should phone the absence line 939 5415 and leave a message on the absence voice mail box.

Alternately, absences can be recorded via either the College website or College App.

When you return to school, a note must be provided explaining the absence and detailing the precise dates or times of absence. The note is to be signed by a parent or guardian and shown to the House Tutor.

Any planned absence (e.g., dentist, doctor etc.) should as far as possible be in non-school times. If an appointment is unavoidably in school time, it must be pre-arranged with the Form Tutor or House Leader.

Any Leave from school other than compassionate or medical must be prearranged in writing with the Rector.

If you are sitting an internally assessed course and have missed a test or unable to fully meet the conditions for the assessed period of work due to illness phone or email your subject teacher and then bring a Medical Certificate to your teacher upon return to the College.