The banner to St Peter Chanel, the French priest who became the first martyr of Oceania, shows an island of green rising out of the blue and white Pacific. In the sky above, a seabird passes before the Southern Cross while the rays of the sun transform the dark blue of night to the light blue of day – with light blue also the Chanel House colour. But the rays of gold, the cross of stars, and the white bird also symbolise the Trinity, and the island is the shape of the monogram of the Marist Fathers. The star which completes the Marist monogram here doubles as the lower of the four stars of the Southern Cross. That star is also inset with a red cross to signify St Peter Chanel’s own sacrifice. The A and M of the monogram are shown as the island of faith that rose so quickly from the Pacific in response to St Peter’s martyrdom.

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