Friends of St Patrick's College

FOSPC – Friends of St Patrick’s College is responsible for the hospitality at the College. We support the College and its community by hosting several functions throughout the year.

The SPC Women’s Group was set up in the early 1900s to support the priests within the College, preparing food and the like. The group evolved and became the backbone of the College, being responsible for the hospitality of the College. We continue to play a vital role within the College and maintain a strong parent base.

We welcome parents, caregivers, and extended family to volunteer to help us support our College community. To volunteer, join the group, or get on our mailing list to receive our monthly newsletters, send your email address to or join our Facebook page (FOSPC – Friends of St Patrick’s College), or simply come along to our monthly committee meetings, which are held in the College staff room on a Monday during term time 7:30pm.

As a group we can be self-funded by operating the Second-Hand Uniform shop which is run by FOSPC volunteers. The Shop is open on the first Monday of each month during lunchtime and various Saturday mornings throughout the year.

Another branch of our group is the ‘St Pat’s Angels’. The aim of this group is to support college families and staff through illness or bereavement. We ask all families in the school to consider volunteering to be an Angel. This network offers practical help such as meals and transport to hospital appointments – whatever is needed. We have divided the school catchment area into zones, each with a coordinator. If a family in your zone needs help, the coordinator will be in touch and ask who can help. FOSPC will reimburse Angels for up to $20 to the cost for meals etc. so that money is not a barrier to helping out. Angels might only be called on once a year. We certainly hope that there are not troubling times for people. Volunteering to be an Angel is a valuable way to show that we care.

The school calendar has many regular events with which we assist. These dates will be added, when confirmed, for next year.  The following is a list of dates for the Second-Hand Uniform shop:


  • Monday 1 -  1.40-2.20pm (lunchtime)
  • Tuesday 9 - 3.30-5.30pm (for Year 8 interviews)
  • Thursday 11 - 3.30-5.30pm (for Year 8 interviews)
  • Monday 22 - 6-8pm FOSPC Committee Meeting


  • Monday 6 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)

January 2022:

  • Saturday 15 - 10am-12pm (by appointment)
  • Wednesday 19 - 4.30-6.30pm (by appointment)
  • Wednesday 26 - 4.30-6.30pm (by appointment)
  • Saturday 29 - 10am-1pm (by appointment)


  • Tuesday 8 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


  • Monday 7 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


  • Monday  4 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)
  • Saturday 30 - 10am-12pm (by appointment) 


  • Monday 2 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


  • Monday 6 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


  • Monday 4 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)
  • Saturday 23 - 10am-12pm (by appointment)


  • Monday 1 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


  • Monday 5 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


  • Saturday 15 - 10am-12pm (by appointment)


  • Monday 7 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


  • Monday 5 - 1.40–2.20pm (lunchtime)


FOSPC – Friends of St Patrick’s College
Facebook: FOSPC – Friends of St Patrick’s College