BYOD at St Patrick’s College

Education like everything else in our lives is undergoing rapid change. Technology is becoming increasing important and in today’s world digital literacy is fundamental to the way students learn and communicate. As a College we wish to ensure that we are offering students access to the best and most exciting educational developments available.

BYOD offers a number of advantages for learning including:

  • Enables learning to be more interactive and encourages students to be more engaged as learners.
  • Enhances the opportunities students have to work in a collaborative and creative manner.
  • Facilitates important skills like problem-solving and self-management.
  •  The use of devices in classrooms assists teachers to differentiate their teaching programmes more effectively.
  •  With digital learning every student can access high quality educational resources.
  • It reduces the learning barrier between school and home making it easier for students to access their learning outside the classroom.

Although your son uses his Chromebook across most of his subjects it is important to remember that the Chromebook will be part of a blended learning environment. In other words it is used in conjunction with traditional learning tools like books, pens and paper! BYOD is designed to diversify learning opportunities, not to completely transform them.

All Year 9 students are required to have a Chromebook to help with their learning.

The advantages of a Chromebook include:

  • Excellent battery life
  • Affordability – approx. $540 (including set up fee, carry case, 3 year warranty and insurance)
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Built in keyboard
  • Start up in about 7 seconds
  • Chromebooks have a solid state hard drive which makes them better suited to being moved around the school. By contrast notebooks and laptops predominantly have serial drives with moving parts which are more prone to damage when being moved.
  • Compatibility with the College’s teaching programme with Google Apps.

Significant efficiencies are involved in the teaching and learning process where all students are using the same device, rather than an array of different equipment which all have their own requirements.

Purchase of your son’s Chromebook
The College has a purchase agreement with Noel Leeming for the Acer C370 Chromebook. This is a Chromebook specifically designed for the education market with excellent battery life and a strengthened display unit. The total cost of $559 includes: the Acer C370, a carry bag, a 3 year warranty and 1 year of insurance, along with the purchase and set up of the Google Management Console.

Please do not purchase your Chromebook from another supplier as there are a number of different Chromebooks on the market and the Chromebooks need to be set up to work with the College network using the Google Management Console. It is also important to remember that you are not just buying the unit itself, but a whole package. The College has spoken with a number of suppliers and has worked hard to get the most cost effective and convenient option for parents. For instance insurance is not easy to obtain for educational devices like Chromebooks, so we are very pleased that we have been able to include this in our package.
When purchasing your Chromebook at a Noel Leeming’s store please be sure to make it clear that you are making the purchase in relation to your son attending St. Patrick’s College, Wellington.

Payment Options
A number of payment options are available to you. These include:

  • cash or credit paid to a Noel Leeming outlet
  • 3 months layby leading up to February with no interest
  • 6 months interest free
  • Open long term financing for up to 48 months
  • Leasing options with protective insurance.

Can my son bring a different device?
Our strong preference is that your son has a Chromebook.

Our training and initiatives to support learning through digital devices are optimised for Chromebooks. Bringing a different device may prevent your son from interacting with some lesson material, receiving technical support, automatic updates and receiving prompt digital communication and feedback from teachers.

What happens if my son already has a Chromebook from his previous school?
This is not a problem; however it will require some school specific software and the setup of a new Management Console. There is usually a one-off cost of $60 for this.

Digital Citizenship and Acceptable Use Policy
All Year 9 students are part of an extensive Digital Citizenship programme. This teaches students the basics of how to use their device and to become familiar with using Google Apps and their Gmail account which every student in the school is set up with. The programme also provides instruction around what it means to be a responsible digital citizen.

All students involved with the BYOD programme are required to sign Digital Citizenship and Cyber Safety Agreements. These documents will be given out to your son early in the school year and we strongly urge you to go through these carefully with your son at that time. Copies of this are available on the College website.

Noel Leeming Offer

Cyber Safety Agreement