Fees and Donations for 2021

Activity and resources donation
The activity and resources donation is $400 per student or $500 per family.

This donation plays a significant part in funding some of the operating costs of the College. Government funding only provides funds for basic resources. This donation is used for additional learning materials in all learning areas, for maintaining and upgrading our computer network and digital projectors, and assists with sports and cultural activities.


Special character and stakeholder donation
The special character and stakeholder donation is $500 per family.

This donation covers some of the special character costs borne by our board of proprietors for our college priest and chaplaincy assistant, the costs of retreats, and our National Network of Marist Schools Levy. It assists our proprietor with some of the significant property costs they are facing for seismic strengthening, roof replacements, ongoing maintenance, and planning for the future. It also supports the work of our stakeholder groups.


Other fees and donations
Sports registration fees, NZQA fees, individual subject donations, camps donations, and donations for music tuition will be different for each student. All students will be charged $10 for Student ID Card.

How can I pay Donations to the College?

Payment of all College donations can be made in any of the following ways:

  1. Internet Banking
    Account Name:         St Patrick’s College, Wellington
    Bank:                          ANZ
    Bank Account:          06-0513-0193557-00
    Reference:                Student ID number
  2. Credit Card, EFTPOS, Cheque or Cash directly to Mrs. Jacky Reid, Cashier at the College.


Attendance Dues
Attendance dues are $1,092 per student (2020), payable to the Archdiocese of Wellington.

Attendance Dues are required in the Archdiocese of Wellington under the terms of the Education Act. These dues are determined by our Archdiocese and approved by the Minister of Education. They go into a Diocesan Common Fund together with the attendance dues from over 80 other schools and are used to cover insurance costs for our college buildings, and to service historical debt incurred at the time of integration when all Catholic schools had to be modernised. These dues will be invoiced directly to families by the Archdiocese.

We recommend that families pay $20 a week to the College to cover the costs of fees and donations, and $20 a week to the Archdiocese to cover the cost of attendance dues.