ERO Review

The College recently underwent a review from the Education Review Office. Rector Neal Swindells provides a summary of some of the key points of the report:

  • Our school vision matches our Catholic Special Character
  • Our Special Character is visible
  • Most students gain NCEA Level One, Level Two and Level Three and the majority gain U.E.
  • Nearly all students gain NCEA Level Two before they leave school
  • Our NCEA results are consistently above national averages and above average for Decile 8 boys’ schools
  • Our retention rates – students who stay for 5 years is high
  • There are positive and respectful relationships between students and teachers
  • There is good engagement in the classrooms
  • There is increasing use of student voice
  • There are strong partnerships with Pasifika parents and strengthening relationships with Maori whanau
  • We are working together with families to make a difference
  • There is a commitment to improvement
  • Our curriculum has been developed to provide better pathways for student needs.

ERO identified two key areas for us to work on:

  1. Continue to develop our Curriculum to ensure it is localised and relevant to our students.
  2. Ensure that our evaluation of data of programmes that we offer goes deeper to more clearly identify factors that will ensure constant improvement.

This is a very positive review and an independent affirmation of the great work of our Board and staff.

You can view the full report here.