The St Patrick’s College Wellington Foundation is a Charitable Trust and governed by a Board of Trustees, referred to as Foundation Trustees. The Foundation Trustees reflect the core groups within the College community, working together pragmatically with a clear vision for the betterment of the College.

The Trustees are:

Neal Swindells – Rector of St Patrick’s College
Joe Gehrig (SPC Business Manager, Trustee's Treasurer)
John Campbell (BoT Chair)
Tom Mahony (Old Boy)
Paul Berry (Old Boy and past parent)
Quintin Tahu (Old Boy)
Nic Fitisemanu (Old Boy)

Benefit Dinner Committee
This committee was originally formed as a networking and resource group for the Development Manager. It now meets monthly in the lead up to the Benefit Dinner and Auction held annually, the largest fundraising event on the school calendar.  This group represents Old Boys, and past and current parents.