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For enquiries about hall hire please contact Gerardine Parkinson on
939 5417 or email

  • St Patrick’s College is a Smoke Free area and smoking is prohibited at all times in the hall, related College facilities and the grounds
  • It will be necessary for arrangements to be made with the Rector's Secretary for a key to be collected - we suggest some time during the week before the event, between the hours of 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.  If the event will take place during school holidays, note that the College office will not be open for the duration of the holidays. Please ring Mrs Parkinson to arrange a suitable time (939-5417) or if you are unable to contact her phone Peter Amitrano, College Custodian on 021-441-605. Note: no key will be made available until all hire charges have been paid in full.
  • The hire of the Hall does NOT include the use of the trestle tables. These are available to hire at the cost of $200.
  • One microphone and stand is available if requested at the time of booking. If more than this is required, please arrange in plenty of time. A charge will be made for extra equipment such as: Piano, Music stands or Overhead Projector.
  • If hiring the hall for a weekend function the hirer must have cleaned the hall and vacated the premises by 12 noon on the Sunday. If the hall is not cleaned to an acceptable standard (as determined by the College following inspection) the cost of commerical cleaning which is normally $200 will be deducted from your bond. As well as cleaning the interior of the hall the hirer must also clean up any debris or rubbish left around the perimeter of the hall and the adjacent grounds.
  • The hire of the Hall does NOT include stage lighting. Ordinary strip fluorescent lights only are available.
  • The hire of the Hall does NOT include provision by the College of the WASTECARE skip behind the Hall. Should the hirer require the use of this facility to dispose of rubbish, an additional charge of $75 (per lift) is payable at the time the Hall is booked.
  • The Hall kitchen contains a hot water dispenser and a dishwasher. If you need to use the dishwasher please let Peter Amitrano know ahead of time to be instructed on how to use it. Please note, however, that no crockery, cutlery or any other equipment is available there. If you intend to bring in extra electrical equipment for your function, please discuss your requirements beforehand.
  • No nails, screws, staples, pins or metal hooks are to be inserted into walls, ceilings or floors. Failure to comply with this will result in forefiture of the bond.
  • No alteration is to be made to the positioning of any permanent lights, lampshades, hangings at back of stage, curtains, pictures or other fixed fittings without the prior approval of the College authorities.
  • The hirer is responsible for the security of the premises and adjacent grounds during the time of occupancy.
  • CARS MAY NOT be parked in the garage vicinity nor in areas marked as prohibited for parking. Cars may not be driven over or stand on the brick paved areas at any time. During the function, and out of school hours cars may park in the school grounds including the quad but NOT in the area adjacent to the garages. Any cars parked in violation of these requirements will be towed away at the cost of the hirer. It is the duty of the hirer to ensure that cars are properly parked.