SPC Learning @ Home - Student and Whānau Help Sheet

Please talk about this as a whānau so that together, you can make a plan for how you can effectively learn from home. We recommend that parents check in with their son each day to ensure that he is completing the work that is set by his teachers.

With the school closed and our whole community in isolation to avoid spreading the virus, students will be required to work at home and NOT work with or socialise with friends. Work will be provided for students by teachers from April 15. This is the first day of Term Two. At this stage we are unsure how long the College will be closed.

While you are learning at home your teachers will be using a range of communication methods and online platforms to support your ongoing learning. Your son should already be aware of which platform his subject teacher is using.

As the hauora/wellbeing of our students is a priority for us, we are keen to continue pastoral care. In order to do this, Tutor Group meetings are planned for 12.15pm on Wednesday 15 April. This would have been Assembly time. All students will be expected to be online and connect with their Tutor Teacher and Tutor Group. Your Tutor Teacher will invite you via your school email address to a Zoom or Google Meets online meeting. This is an opportunity for you to reconnect with your Tutor Group and check-in.

Please note also that St Catherine’s College is not starting Term Two until Monday the 20th of April and so if your son is studying at St Catherine’s he will not be assigned work until then.

How online learning will work for Students

From Wednesday April 15, subject teachers will provide students with online work by 10.00am each week day throughout the duration of the lockdown. This will be done either by email or through Google Classroom.

Some subjects will set assessment tasks that will be marked for NCEA. It is important that students abide by the Assessment Policy which was explained to them at the start of the year and that they agreed to.
Students should use their time management skills to enact a timetable for their learning which allows good coverage of all their subjects. This may mean they work to their usual timetables, however it also allows for individual circumstances where this may not be possible. A rough time allocation is one hour for each usual timetabled class, each week.

Teachers will provide feedback at least twice a week on work completed. Please note that teachers will be working online with many students so you will need to be patient with each other when waiting for individual responses.

Some teachers may run Google Meetings or Zoom Meetings for their classes. These will be held during usual timetabled classes.

You can email them on their school email address (first name.surname@stpats.school.nz) if you need support.

We recommend you adopt the following habits:

⦁ Check your school email and online platform used in your subject classes every morning - you will receive updates from your teachers by 10.00am each day. Make a plan for how you will manage your classes and write it down. Do not use personal email accounts. Please stick to your college email address.

⦁ Create your own timetable for the day – we would recommend that you create a routine as you would normally on a school day, a schedule that has regular breaks and study time in manageable chunks.

⦁ Set up a work space - Find a space at home that you can set up as a good work environment. Make sure that it is comfortable, well lit and ventilated and somewhere you can work without distractions. You should work on a laptop or computer. Remember that your phone is too small for long periods of use and not recommended as a learning tool. Take regular breaks, drink water and eat good food.

⦁ Have some fun - Make sure you have some variety in your day. Make space for exercise, creativity and device-free time!

⦁ Find a support person - many of us need someone to hold us accountable and help us meet deadlines. Perhaps one of your parents/caregivers might check in with you to make sure you have a work plan, or maybe you and another student in your class could check in with each other. It is important to set up good work habits and set yourself up for managing screen time.

⦁ Friend Time - think about a way you and your friends can catch up. Try an online video call with your morning tea.

⦁ Remember our school values - think about ways that you can show them by keeping the faith and doing the MAHI as you navigate this new way of learning.

How Will It Work For Parents

To support home based learning you could help your son with the following Learning @ Home habits:

⦁ Ask him if he has checked his school email/online platform each morning.
⦁ Ask him to share his daily timetable with you.
⦁ Where possible, provide him with a quiet place to work.
⦁ Make sure he has a support person. This is a new way of working for a large number of our community. The reality is that many of us, students and adults, need someone to ensure that we meet deadlines. A support person can be important to do this as well as managing screen time and helping establish good timetable habits.

This website also has some helpful tips to support students and parents with learning at home - https://study.com/academy/popular/learning-at-home-during-the-coronavirus-pandemic.html

Learning from Home resources from the Ministry of Education website -

We Are Here For Both Students and Parents/Caregivers -
If You Need Us We Can Support You

We must all play our part to ensure the health and wellbeing of all in our local and wider community. These are challenging times for us all. Please remember that there is support available for you. Whether that be from staff, whānau or friends. Our Guidance Counsellor, Mr Chris Fouhy (chris.fouhy@stpats.school.nz) or your Tutor Teacher is also available.
Support is always available for you and we have included some for you just to name a few:

For support with anxiety, distress or mental wellbeing, you can call or text 1737 to talk with a trained counsellor for free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mental Health Foundation website https://www.mentalhealth.org.nz/ includes wellbeing during COVID-19.

Getting Through Together - You can find tips and advice on how to cope with the stress of COVID-19 in the Getting Through Together toolkit on this website https://www.allright.org.nz/campaigns/getting-through-together

For regular updates on COVID-19 you will find this information on the national website https://covid19.govt.nz/

We hope that this information will assist with your son’s Learning @ Home online.

Be safe, be kind and keep the faith and do the MAHI.