MatthiasMatthias Wesemann, Germany

I have enjoyed all of my lessons with my teachers at St Patrick`s College. I studied Economics, PE, English, Maths, Science and RE. My teachers were all very approachable. It was a great experience to see how school is in New Zealand. It is quite different to school in Germany. The German school day starts and finishes much earlier and we do not have assemblies, tutor groups and such long lunch breaks.
I also had a good time with Maria and the other international students from Hong Kong. We went on a few excursions to Staglands, Read Stones, Botanic Gardens, the Weta Studios in Miramar and Te Papa. With Maria and one other International called Titi we went to Mount Victoria to see one of the Lord of the Rings location.
All in all it was an awesome experience to stay in New Zealand with a lovely host family and I know I will enjoy life long friendships as a result of my time at St. Patrick`s College. I have also learnt that New Zealanders are the friendliest people I have ever met – thank you for the experience!

USonUHyjeon Son, South Korea

I came to Wellington when I was 15 years old after studying in Canada for two years. As I came at the start of term four I studied in Year 10 and was put into Year 11 the following year. When I arrived it was summer in Wellington and I remember I was pleased because I had left winter in Korea. The weather here was really warm. I have made a lot of friends while I have been here and I live with a really nice homestay family close to the college. My homestay father is the Physical Education Teacher at the College. My two homestay brothers also attend St Patrick’s. I am enjoying my time at the College.

JwonJae Won Heo, South Korea

One of St Patrick’s College Wellington’s outstanding graduates is Jae Won Heo.He attended the school between 2003 and 2006, completing his studies by being awarded Dux as the top academic student of the school in his last year.Since then Jae Won has attended Otago University and completed a Batchelor in Dental Surgery degree in 2010 and has been working at Dunedin Hospital as a dentist. He is also studying medicine, a prerequisite for his next challenge, to become a Maxillo Facial surgeon.Jae Won left his family of his mother and father in Seoul, South Korea, and came to St Patrick’s with a long term ambition to study dentistry.
The biggest challenge he faced was to improve his English to a standard that he could actively participate in class. Once he learnt it well everything else fell into place.
He chose New Zealand because his sister was also studying here and chose St Patrick’s because it was important for him to go to a Catholic school.
While at St Patrick’s he studied English, Religious Education, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Accounting, Calculus and Statistics.
Jae Won has many fond memories of his time at the college but he rates as the best his graduation and presentation with the Dux medal, a ceremony attended by his proud Mum and Dad.

Yuichiro Ohara, Japan

I am an international student from Japan. I had thought school life at St Patrick’s College would be wonderful and would make me independent. Now, I feel it is true but I realised one more important thing, which I could only realise in a foreign country ( New Zealand) With the help of many teachers and great friends, I have learnt to have my own opinion which is something I did not have back home. I recommend you this wonderful school, St Patrick’s College.

Tatsuya Yoshida, Japan

New Zealand has a lot of natural beauty, it is a very safe place to live, although it is very quite compared to Japan. The people here are kind, they keep physically active and enjoy the outdoors. I have found Wellington a good place to learn and also to think about my future.
I have made lots of friends in Wellington, not just at St Patrick’s but from other schools. I have enjoyed my stay here.

hanyungHanyung Jang, South Korea

My name is Hanyung, I came from South Korea when I was 13 years old. I have studied at St Patrick’s College for four years.
I love being in Wellington because I have made a lot of friends and have taken up new hobbies. I have being learning to play the guitar since I was in Year 9 and have performed at several public music concerts for the College.
My mother and brother also lived in New Zealand until last year and have now gone back to Korea. My brother has gone to England to attend University. I think I have achieved well in my studies in New Zealand and my English has improved a lot since I arrived.
St Patrick’s college is a really great place to study and to learn about new cultures. I would encourage more overseas students to study here.

domDominic Haerle, Germany

My name is Dominic, I come from Bad Saulgau, Germany. I came to Wellington in July last year to study at St Patrick’s College. When I arrived I was really homesick but after three months I started feeling more at home, especially with the help of the Hunter’s my homestay family.
I have enjoyed my time at St Patrick’s and have made some friends. I enjoy Outdoor Education and have been on three trips. One was a tramping trip in the Akatarawas, we spent a day on Somes Island and a week kayaking in Taupo, Napier and Castle Point. I really enjoyed the trip and it was awesome seeing new places. Mr Taylor is a great Outdoor Education Teacher.
Since I have come to St Patrick’s my English has improved a lot which was what I had hoped for. St Patrick’s has been a good school to study at as it is very welcoming to overseas students. I would like to encourage other students to study at St Patrick’s as it is a good way to learn to speak English.