kennedyThe very Reverend Dr David Kennedy, New Zealand born, was the College’s third Rector. The banner to him again features the Southern Cross, here set in patches of blue sky against a field of golden yellow of the House colour. This golden field is divided into earth and sky. Sweeping through the sky is Haley’s Comet – Fr Kennedy established New Zealand’s first astronomical observatory, and when, in the summer of 1909/10 Haley’s Comet made its first visit since the development of photography, Fr Kennedy was responsible for the first photographs of it. Fr Kennedy’s scientific interests also extended to the earth below (for example, the knowledge of insect life). At St Patrick’s he was responsible for the establishment of both of the College’s first modern science laboratories, and its first chapel. In the symbolism here, the sky is lit by both the comet and the sign of the cross, and the earth features the Marist monogram (its own star rising) and a butterfly (of this earth but aspiring upward).

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