The Board of Trustees of the College are responsible for the governance of St Patrick’s. The Board is made up of five parent elected representatives, four Proprietor appointed representatives, the staff representative, student representative and the Rector. The Board meets monthly in open public meetings to deal with the issues that face the College and to ensure that the management of the College is happening appropriately. The Board invites parents to attend and although parents do not have a right to speak, if a parent wants to speak he or she may seek permission from the Board during the meeting.

The Board of Trustees Policy Manual outlines the policies and procedures that the Board uses when dealing with their governance activities. These policies are reviewed over a three year cycle. The members of the Board are:

Parents Representatives:
Tracey Arthurs –
Elliot Bell –
Roland Bell –
John Campbell (Board Chair) –
Sonny Mulitalo (Deputy Board Chair)

Board of Proprietors Representatives:
Paul Berry –
Audrey Madigan –
David Ireland –

Staff Representative: Mrs Kate Southall –

Student Representative: Johnathan English –

Secretary: Mrs Gerardine Parkinson –

Rector: Mr Neal Swindells –