Our Vision

To be a Catholic community that empowers our young men to become the best version of the person God created them to be.

Our Mission

We develop and educate our young men in a nurturing environment based on our Marist traditions and values. Each student is inspired to grow and excel supported by staff, parents, whanau, caregivers, and our wider community.

Our Motto - Sectare Fidem
Hold Firm to the Faith

Our Core Values

Faith - Kia Ū, Kia Mau
Live and teach the values of Jesus Christ in the way of Mary, showing
our love for God and serving our neighbour.
We are proud to be Marist 
and practise our Faith.



With Mary as our role model, we respect, support and care for each
other. We are committed to social justice. We build positive, respectful
relationships with and between students, whanau, staff
and the wider 

We strive to excel in all aspects of College and personal life. We
nurture a love of learning both inside and outside the classroom; and
we use our talents for the good of all.

We provide a safe and caring environment by acknowledging the value
of every person and fostering self-discipline, resilience,
and self-esteem 
and well-being

We work together as a community to promote honesty, humility,
servant leadership and develop a sense of duty.