Parent Weekly Update 15 March

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A reminder that Year 9 students will be allowed to go home at 2.30pm today. Please note that there will be no afternoon school buses operating.

Mr Wayne Mills, Deputy Rector will be away from school from Monday 18 March till Thursday 4 April on an International Student Marketing trip. Please contact Ms Sarah Parkinson, Assistant Rector in his absence.

40 DAYS 40 STUDENTS: Over the course of the forty days of Lent, the Global Neighbours group has organised a way that each tutor class can show the value of almsgiving something we are called to do during Lent. In each tutor class, we would encourage each student to donate $2.50 per week for the next 4 weeks. This money could raise enough money to fund the education of forty students in Ranong for an entire year. Currently, only 10% of Burmese students in Thailand, above the age of 12, go to school. By the end of high school, most of these students drop out. By supporting them financially, we can allow these students to pursue their education. This money will be collected in Tutor classes. The Global Neighbours group visited the Marist Mission in Ranong, Thailand in January and were inspired to do something to help Burmese refugees.


  • Monday 18 March – FOSPC meeting in the staffroom at 7.45pm
  • Tuesday 19 March – Whanau Hui at 5.30pm in Te Hue o Te Reo (Te Reo Māori Room). This Pānui is to extend a warm welcome to the Māori community of Hato Patariki to come to our first Whānau hui of the year where we will talk about important issues for you, your son/mokopuna/whāngai. When: Tuesday, 19th March, from 5.30pm. Where: (Te Reo Māori Room). What to bring: some finger-food kai for light refreshments.

FOSPC: We would like to welcome you to the next meeting of the Friends of St Patrick’s College (FOSPC). FOSPC are responsible for the hospitality at the College, by hosting several functions throughout the year. Our next meeting is on Monday 18 March 2019 at 7:45 pm in the College staff room (the after-hours staff room entrance is located below the college chapel). You can find more information on FOSPC, through the SPC website.

WANTED – SPC ANGEL VOLUNTEERS: One of our sub groups, is the ‘St Patrick’s College Angels’. This group supports those within the college community in a time of need. We ask all families in the school to consider volunteering to be an Angel. To volunteer, please email FOSPC the below information: ⭐️Your name, ⭐️Your mobile or landline number, ⭐️Your location. Email:

HOMEWORK HUB: The Student Academic Committee has set up a Homework Hub after school every Tuesday from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the Library. Homework Hub means that if a student is struggling with anything from Calculus to English that they will find a Year 13 that can help them. Homework Hub is a service available for students of all year levels. Ms Duffy will be there to help juniors in particular plus the senior students will provide help for all NCEA subjects. This is a great opportunity to have one-on-one help.

OVERCHARGE OF FARES ON MORNING BUSES ON ROUTE 751 AND 768 FOR STUDENTS WHO USE A SNAPPER CARD: As bus stop 6553 outside the College was moved due to the road works, students who use a snapper card have been charged for an extra zone. As a result, these students are due a refund. The refunds were processed on Wednesday, so should be available for customers to collect now. Any refunds will be automatically collected onto their Snapper next time it is topped up. However, if you prefer to collect your refund without topping up, you can use any of the following ways. MySnapper: To collect your refund using MySnapper open the desktop application and insert your Snapper card into your Feeder. A pop up will appear announcing you have “pending top-ups”: follow the instructions on the screen to collect your refund. Snapper Mobile (Android) – to collect your refund using Snapper Mobile hold your Snapper card to your NFC sweet spot – after the app opens it will automatically collect your refund. Watch the screen for confirmation. Snapper Kiosk – to collect your refund at a kiosk, place your card on the Snapper card reader – after the balance displays the kiosk will automatically collect your refund – watch the screen for confirmation. Snapper Retailer – take your Snapper card to a Snapper Retailer and ask to collect a credit.
While Metlink has identified the majority of those affected there may be cases where some students may be due more (e.g. they have transferred on to a school bus from elsewhere), and may not have been accounted for in the scoping of this issue. In either case, GW Metlink suggests that the affected students contact Snapper directly and explain their side of events. The cause of the problem has been remedied; and fares should appear as normal from 11 March.

F45 STUDIO: The studio is running a fun day with an F45 Fitness Test Competition on Saturday 30 March which will have both a competitive side and also a social side where all levels can enter and just come have some fun. The purpose is to raise money for Cancer Society Wellington, with 100% of what is made being donated. F45 Training Wellington East

Measles Warning: We received the following message from Regional Public Health.

As you are likely aware, there is a large and ongoing outbreak of measles in Christchurch, with 26 cases as at 14 March. Auckland and Dunedin now also have measles cases.
While there are currently no reported cases in the greater Wellington region, people will move around NZ during the school holiday period of 13 – 28 April, which includes Easter (19 April –22 April), and ANZAC Day (25 April), and it is likely measles will spread.
Accordingly, attached is an information sheet and FAQs regarding measles for primary, intermediate and secondary schools.
Prepared by RPH Medical Office of Health Dr Annette Nesdale, this information is intended for circulation to staff, students and parents.
Regional Public Health also asks:
•       All schools check staff are protected from measles. Some schools in prior years have had to close during measles outbreaks when staff haven’t been able to quickly confirm their immunisation status.
•       All schools ensure staff and pupils have measles protection before any planned school or sporting trips to Christchurch or areas overseas where measles is occurring.
•       Primary schools ensure that their immunisation registers are up to date (a legal requirement).
•       Intermediate and secondary schools may also want to note if pupils have been immunised for measles.  This will reduce confusion and delays if a case occurs at their schools.
More information is available on:

•       Regional Public Health –
•       Ministry of Health –
•       Immunisation Advisory Centre – link to this information will be available on our Facebook page (RPHWellington) and twitter (@RPHWellington) for you to share.
Helen Corrigan | Regional Public Health communicationsPlease open the following link for further information:

Please enjoy St Patrick’s Day this Sunday, 17 March.

Sectare Fidem

Kind regards,

Neal Swindells

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