Francis Redwood was just three when his family emigrated from England in 1842. He became New Zealand’s first Bishop, then first Archbishop, and he was the founder of St Patrick’s College – with the foundation stone laid on 16 March 1884. The House honouring him takes red as its obvious house colour. In its banner, the key image is taken from the Archbishop’s name. The Redwood of the cross of Christ’s suffering rises now – the Southern Cross inset – among southern hills. Again the Marist monogram is incorporated, here at the right and balanced, left, by the Archbishop’s hat and tassles. And again the sunlight, white bird, and Cross come together as the Trinity. But the symbol of the cross and hills can also be read as the shape of an anchor, signifying Archbishop Redwood as the founding figure who anchored this College in this faith.

Redwood House Leader
Mr Steven Skells
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