40 Days 40 Students

Over the course of the forty days of lent, the Global Neighbours group has organised a way that each tutor class can show the value of almsgiving. In each tutor class, we would encourage each student to donate $2.50 per week over the course of lent. This money is the equivalent cost of a soft drink but the donation could raise enough money to fund the education of forty students in Ranong for an entire year.

Currently, only 10% of Burmese students in Thailand, above the age of 12, go to school. By the end of high school, most of these students drop out. By supporting them financially, we can allow these students to pursue their education.

Each class will be encouraged to give their donations into a clearly labelled jar or container. This money will be sent to the office each week for collection.

Much appreciated,

The Global Neighbours.