oshea15O’Shea Shield Team Success

On Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May the much awaited O’Shea Shield competition commenced with 17 Catholic Colleges, from around the lower North Island including Garin College from Nelson, gathering at Sacred Heart College New Plymouth for this annual event. The competition involved public speaking in the form of debating, impromptu speaking, oratory, junior prepared speech, religious drama, Te Reo scripture reading, religious questions and scripture reading. The competition saw fierce competition across all events as individuals and teams attempted to out talk, out argue and out-perform each other in their particular events.

The theme of the O’Shea competition was: “Merciful like the Father” and it emanated in every one of the events from religious questions to religious dramas about how mercy can be shown in families, between friends and strangers.

Over the course of the weekend St Patrick’s College Town stood out winning firstly the debate on Saturday morning affirming the moot: “that this house believes that freedom of expression is more important than religious sensitivities”. The debating team Finn Lowndes, Martin Harris, Keegan Barnett-Bates were well
prepared and delivered stylishly with Finn Lowndes named best speaker. This was followed by an accomplished performance by Peter Havell in Te Reo scripture reading and an outstanding impromptu speech about ‘books’ and ‘writing your own story’ by seasoned competitor Jacob Farr.

The afternoon saw Asalemo Vaoliko win his oratory section with a moving and personal address. Similarly Antonio de Gregorio won his section with his junior prepared speech about families and what they mean to him. The religious drama was a highlight on Saturday night with Ben Anderson, Nathan Lopa, Ben Maclean, Peniamina Taiti and Joseph Gordon delivering a clear religious message within a cleverly crafted and highly entertaining performance.

On Sunday the team continued to score very well with secure and expressive scripture reading from Augustine Lee and well considered responses from the religious questions team Martin Harris, William ScottRodrigues and Taran John. The collective effort and high standard of performance from all the students led
to St Pats being placed second. The weekend ended with all of the colleges celebrating mass together led by Bishop Charles Drennan. Then followed by the prize giving in which St Catherine’s College were announced as the overall winners.

Photo: Asalemo Vaoliko who won his Oratory section at O’Shea Shield with his coach Mr Derek Wood.