The banner to the Very Reverend Dr Felix Joseph Watters includes the three books from the College crest, and a torch. Together these symbolise Fr Watters’ role as the the torch-bearer responsible for lighting the beacon of Marist learning here at St Patrick’s College as our first Rector. Lessons commenced in June 1885. The imagery in this banner is set on a field of dark green, the House colour. An expanse of water is included not only as a play on Fr Watters’ name, but also as reference to his traveling across the oceans from Ireland to take up his first appointment as the Rector of this, New Zealand’s first Catholic boys’ college. Again the southern cross and the Marist monogram feature. Upper right, the symbol of his own sacrifice, there is a red Celtic cross on a field of emerald green. After 13 years as rector, Fr Watters was called back to his homeland Ireland, and there, during the 1916 Easter Uprising, he went to the aid of a wounded man, and was himself shot dead.

Watters House Leader
Mr Alastair van Boom
Phone: 939 3070 ext 261