Weekly Update 25 October

Dear Parents and Caregivers

ERO REVIEW REPORT: The finalised ERO report can now be accessed on the College website. We are very pleased with this report.

JUNIOR EXAM TIMETABLE AND NCEA EXAM TIMETABLE: Both timetables are also available on the College website.


  • Tuesday 29 October – Gateway Graduation at 5.30pm in the College hall
  • Wednesday 30 October: Year 13 Retreat and Dinner at The Pines from 2pm. Buses will transport the students to The Pines.
  • Friday 1 November: Leavers Mass at 10.30am in the College hall. FORMAL UNIFORM MUST BE WORN. Parents are most welcome to attend. Please continue to pray for our Year 13 students who are nearing the end of their time at our College.

YEAR 13 RETREAT INFORMATION: The 2019 Year Thirteen Retreat will take place on Wednesday 30 October. Students will be transported by bus to The Pines Conference Centre after assembly. The afternoon’s activities will end at the conclusion of the dinner at 7pm. Buses will return to College after that, with one bus carrying on to the Wellington Railway Station. This is the last Special Character gathering for our Year 13 students and will be a significant moment at the end of their time at SPC. We hope that the retreat will give our Year Thirteen students an opportunity to reflect on their years at St Patrick’s and what this might mean for them into the future.

LEAVERS MASS: Parents are invited to attend our Leavers Mass on Friday 1 November at 10.30am. During this Mass we present leavers ties to all our Year 13s.

SENIOR ACADEMIC PRIZE-GIVING: All students and families are warmly invited to our Senior Prize-giving on Tuesday 5 November at 7.30pm in the College hall. Students must be in formal uniform. Year 13 families are invited to come early at 6pm for a “Cocktail Evening” before prize-giving.

STUDY LEAVE: please be aware that most senior students will be released for Study Leave on Friday 1 November at approximately 12.30pm. During the following weeks they are able to study at home or come into school and work with their teachers. The Library is available for quiet study but we do not want seniors coming in to socialise. Students do not need to wear uniform if they are coming into school to study. For senior students NZQA external exams start on Friday 8 November. Some seniors will be asked to continue to come to school regularly so we can help them complete internal assessments. Examination Entry slips which include every student’s exam timetable have been issued to senior students. They must bring these slips to every external examination. Year 11 and Year 12 students must wear proper school uniform to exams. Year 13 students may wear mufti to exams. Please do your best to ensure your sons are organised.

COMMUNICATION SURVEY: Last Friday we sent out a link to a very short survey that will help us to assess how effective our communication is with our families. We would really appreciate it if you take a few minutes to complete the survey. The link is: https://forms.gle/XCtxSQjapnFQ4ccD6

FAREWELL FUNCTION FOR THE RECTOR: The Board of Trustees would like to invite members of our College community to attend Mr Swindells’ farewell on Wednesday 4 December in the College hall at 5.30pm. The function is from 5.30-7pm and will provide the community with an opportunity to acknowledge Mr Swindells contribution as Rector to the life of St Patrick’s College. There will be some short speeches, entertainment and light refreshments. All are welcome.

MEASLES: If you have not already done so we really need you to provide a copy of your son’s immunisation records to the College by dropping a hard copy into the office or emailing jacky.reid@stpats.school.nz

This information can be found in the:

a. Wellchild book
b. Asking your medical centre for a printout of your/ your child’s immunisations
c. For children aged 0 to 14 years the parent can email RES-NIR@huttvalleydhb.org.nz and ask for a copy of your son’s National Immunisation Register record. We will need your son’s NHI number (if known), full name, date of birth, including mum’s first and last name. This will ensure we get the correct record if there are children with similar names born on the same day.

· If your son is NOT protected from measles start thinking about alternative arrangements if there is a confirmed case of measles at College. If your son is not protected he CANNOT attend College, sports or social events for up to 14 days after their last contact with the infectious person. This date will be extended if there are further cases in the College. Measles could be very disruptive to the College community and we want parents/caregivers and students to be prepared and protected – either by having your immunisation records ready or immunising now if you are not protected.

PARENTS’ ASSOCIATION: The Parents’ Association are beginning the planning for the Big Boys’ Breakfast 2020 on Tuesday 17 March. As many of you will know this is a wonderful opportunity for our boys and their fathers, grandfathers or other significant male, to come together to enjoy a breakfast and some great speakers. It also kicks off St Patrick’s Day celebrations! We are currently looking for sponsors for this event and would love to hear from anyone who would like to support the College and promote their business to more than 350 attendees from the college community. If you’re interested in hearing more, please contact Lorraine Boennic at the_bionics@hotmail.com.

I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable long weekend.

Sectare Fidem

Neal Swindells