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Community support crucial to the College

The College is reminding our parent community that it is vitally important that they support the College when it comes to payment of college fees and donations. The College has budgeted on running our College with these fees included, and when we do not receive payment then it means that we are not able to provide the necessary resources that students have the use of. Financial support is crucial to continue to provide a quality learning experience for students across a range of subjects. Without this financial contribution the staff in each of their respective departments would not be able to expose their students to the variety of local and/or national resources to support localised curriculum learning.

This is the same with sports fees and sports trips, and the College encourage's our parents and caregivers to pay the subscription fee and all associated costs for the sports code their son wishes to play.

Unfortunately, all schools are finding it difficult to exist on the Operational Grant given by the Government and so need to ask more of their community in order to be able to provide a quality education. 

Fees and donations can either be paid in full or you can set up a regular payment plan via online banking.

For payment of College Fees and Donations use account number:


For payment of Attendance Dues use account number: