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School Uniform

The wearing of the complete school uniform between home and school, especially after sports practice and when attending all school functions and practices, either as spectators or participants, is a compulsory requirement for school attendance, unless instructions have been issued to the contrary.

Boys are subject to school discipline when any item of uniform is being  worn.

Summer Uniform

Optional Terms 1 to 4

Regulation College shorts

Pale-blue shirt (long sleeves)

College grey jersey (blue vest, Yr 13 only)

Pale-blue knee-length long socks

Black leather shoes OR

Brown or black roman or Birkenstock sandals with no socks.  

Scarves are not to be worn in Terms 1 and 4.


Formal Uniform / Winter Uniform

To be worn on Wednesdays Term 1 to 4 and on special days e.g. St Patrick’s Day, all full College masses

College dark grey long trousers

College ie faitaga (must be worn with tie, black socks and shoes)

Pale-blue shirt (long sleeves)

College tie

College grey jersey (blue vest, Yr 13 only)

College blazer (optional Year 9)

Black socks

Black leather shoes


Formal dress uniform is worn by all students for sports events and College functions such as College masses and Wednesdays for assemblies throughout the year. Formal uniform is also to be worn on other special days during the year and students will be informed of these. Year 9 students are not required to have a blazer. 

Winter wear should be water-proof and warm. There is a waterproof College Jacket available for purchase from either the secondhand uniform shop, or the NZ Uniform shop. This will be the only jacket permitted to be worn to and from College. No other jackets or coats are acceptable as part of the College uniform.

NZ Uniform Shop Pricelist