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Student Cell Phone Usage Policy

St Patrick's College, Wellington, has a cell phone policy for students. The College trailed the policy with the Year 9 and 10 students in November 2022 until the end of term after extensive consultation with our College community. We then implemented it to the whole College for the start of the school year 2023.

SPC Cell Phone Policy For Students


E-Learning (BYOD)

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Information

Years 9 - 11

All Year 9 students and students new to the junior school are required to have a Chromebook to help with their learning, both at school and at home. The Chromebooks can be purchased from Noel Leeming in Lyall Bay. The package which includes:

  • A sturdy Acer Chromebook specifically designed for College use
  • 3 Year Damage Protection 
  • Whiteglove (google management console)
  • Hard shell satchel to protect the Chromebook

The Chromebooks are also loaded with the Google Management licence making it much easier for staff and students to manage their device and to optimise its use as a learning device.

The total cost of the package is $579.00.

Noel Leeming Offer

Students who already have a Chromebook from their previous school will be able to continue using that device, however it will need to be brought into the College on the first day to have the St Patrick’s College Google Management licence added to it. This means your son will be without his device for the first few days of school.

Can my son in the junior school bring a different device?

Experience has shown that students in the junior school who bring a different device are disadvantaged. In many cases the software deployed to Chromebooks en masse has to be loaded separately which involves delays and can be problematic. Bringing a different device may prevent your son from interacting with some lesson material. Certainly there is a huge advantage to both students and staff if all students in the junior school are working from Chromebooks loaded with the Google Management licence. For this reason we strongly recommend that your son has a Chromebook. Generally we find virtually every student has a Chromebook and your son will be at a disadvantage without one.

Does the College offer financial support?

Yes the College is very fortunate to have the College Foundation supported by generous Old Boys of the College. One of the services offered by the Foundation is support for families needing financial support in purchasing a Chromebook. Certain eligibility criteria need to be met to qualify and if you wish to consider this option you need to contact the College Office and ask for an application form.

Payment Options

Note that Noel Leeming offer several different financial payment options, including long term payments. Please see the linked brochure or contact the store directly for more information.


As a parent of a SPC student you can rest assured that your son’s education and wellbeing are prioritized at our school.

During school hours your son’s responsibility falls upon our well educated and qualified staff.  You will be notified of any issues, illness, concerns, rewards or achievements.  In return we hope that any communication with the school on your behalf is timely and efficient.

Weekly College Updates from the Tumuaki, Termly Newsletters, bespoke communications and the annual Patrician are all publications tailored to ensure our communication with whānau is well informed and current. Information about all interactions between parent/caregivers and teachers, student concerns and/or results and grades, will be sent via these communications channels and are also available on the website, the School App and of course the SPC Parent Portal. 

You can use our School Office Navigation for any office communications.



All uniform items are available for purchase at NZ Uniforms on Thorndon Quay.  Items can be purchased online.

Uniform Shop


Good, clean secondhand uniform is available for purchase at the college from the Secondhand Uniform Shop which is operated by FOSPA (Friends of St Patrick’s College).

Please go to our Second-Hand uniform shop page


Criteria and Process for the Awarding of College Blues

Blues are awarded to students who are seniors in the College (Years 11-13).

There are three categories in which students can attain a Blue award;  Academic, Cultural and Sport.

The criteria and process for the awarding of College Blues is below. 

College Blues

Blues will be awarded at a Blues Assembly once a term.  These dates are published in the College calendar.

SPC Extra-Curricular Policy

Please find attached a copies of the SPC Extra-Curricular Policy an the Place of Sports and Cultural Activities at SPC policy. These outline the financial, attendance, behavioural, and pastoral expectations in order to participate in extracurricular activities when representing St Patrick’s College in a public forum, and also outlines the procedures when these expectations are not met. 

Policy May 2022

The Place of Sports and Cultural Activities at SPC


Chanel Learning Hub and Library

The Chanel Learning Hub and Library is open 8.15am-4.00pm during term time. We offer a relaxed space for study, reading, or playing board games.

The staff and student librarians are friendly and helpful. We can assist you with reading recommendations and research tips for your assignments.

You can access our library catalogue below. Here you can find curated research databases such as EPIC, funded by the Ministry of Education. You can also use the catalogue to view your loans, reserve a book, read or upload student reviews, and to find more about the new resources we have in the library.


Students, staff and families are all welcome to borrow and are encouraged to come enjoy our fabulous space!

For more information please contact[email protected]z



We work with our Tuck Shop provider to ensure that we offer healthy, affordable, nutritious meals for students.  
The menu changes every season and reflects available fresh produce, as well as feedback from customers.  

Checkout the Menu below

Latest menu

Orders should, ideally be placed the night before the day they are required, via Lunch Order.

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