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Welcome to Careers at SPC

Our team is here to assist students and parents to work through their careers journey together.

Did you know that parents are their sons first career advisers? It's true, we always encourage parents and students to take advantage of the career opportunities and events that we host to inform, inspire or direct students along the right pathway.

If the COVID pandemic has taught us anything its that no one knows what the future holds. Together with whānau, we support our students through their career journey in a safe environment, ensuring that they receive the guidance to keep working hard on achieving their goals.

We look forward to working with whānau to offer a tailored careers programme for our students. For more information about Careers and Pathways contact:

Mike Woods – HoD
[email protected]

“Remember there is always a pathway. Sometimes we may need to take a longer path, but there is always a way to get where you want to go.”