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Learning Support

St Patrick’s College Learning Support Department provides assistance for students Specific Learning Difficulties in mainstream classes. This support ranges from teacher aide guidance in classes, reader/writer assistance for senior assessments and monitoring of numeracy and literacy needs.

Learning needs are identified by feedback from contributing schools, teacher and parent observations and school evidence, and professional assessments provided by parents.

To ensure the best start for your son at St Patrick’s College please complete the SAC History form provided in the Enrolment Pack if you know he has a diagnosed learning difficulty.

Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

St Patrick’s College recognises that a range of specific learning difficulties including dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD, Asperger’s and those with auditory and visual processing delays experience can have a significant impact on school life. Our school is committed to addressing this. These students do not attract any funding. They are fully mainstreamed and are supported by the Learning Support Department and in some cases also receive teacher aide support.

Junior School

In Year 9 and 10 students with a diagnosed learning difficulty have a learning intervention plan compiled by the recommendations from the report. For the end of year examinations, these students who are identified will have special assessment conditions support. Throughout the year teachers may refer students to the department if they feel they are academically struggling.

Senior School

There are a number of alternative classes that focus on students who have difficulties learning. Time spent in preparation for assessments will be based on the learning styles and abilities of the students. In some classes, there is Tutor support for small groups. For Level 1, 2 and 3 students who have qualified for NZQA Special Assessment Conditions will receive exam support.

Special Assessment Conditions (SACs)

Special Assessment Conditions may be given for students with recognised learning difficulties, physical disabilities, sight or hearing impairment, or a medical condition. To be eligible for SACs, data to support the application is needed from a registered assessor and from school-based evidence.

For more information please contact Head of Department Deborah Foster on 04 939 3070 ext 262 or email [email protected]