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Sport at St Patrick's

Sport has always been an integral part of an education at St Patrick's College. While we maintain a strong focus on the traditional sports of rugby, cricket and athletics, in recent years interests have broadened.

To view our full range of sport offered at the College please visit our Sports Hub.

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SPC Sports Program Strategy

The SPC Sports Strategy (see link below) is informed by “The Place of Sports and Cultural Activities at St. Patrick’s College” (approved by the Board of Trustees 2017 ).

The Sports Strategy outlined in this document, sits within the broader aspirations of the College to achieve excellence and to offer our students a high quality experience across the 5 key operational areas below. Each of these areas align with and incorporate our school values of Manaakitanga, Achievement, Hauora and Integrity.

1. Faith

2. Academic opportunities

3. Pastoral Care

4. Sporting opportunities

5. Cultural and Music opportunities

The outcome sought by this strategy is to offer our students a pathway of growth and achievement in their chosen sporting arena as part of their overall education and development during their time at the College. The focus of this strategy is to ensure that quality coaching and development pathways are put in place for students to grow and develop across all age and ability levels from Year 9 through to Year 13. If this is achieved then it is believed that positive competitive results will be a natural flow on effect without being the primary driver of the strategy.

Sports Strategy

COVID-19 - Return to Sport Advice

The following has been put together in consultation with a medical practitioner to help students with questions around Return to Sport Protocols.

  1. The key is to monitor for anything that 'doesn't feel right' as players are returning to exercise. Someone who is initially very sick with COVID should have a slower return to play and a medical clearance from GP in the latter stages.
  2. Specific symptoms to look out for include unexpected shortness of breath, chest pain, heart racing, dizziness.
  3. Players who have not contracted COVID but have been isolating for the 7 days as they are a household contact are required to return a negative day 7 RAT test to leave isolation. RAT tests are integral to monitoring and dealing with the virus. With no positive tests the player will be able to come straight back to training.
  4. Players who have contracted COVID required 7 days of rest through the isolation process. Once completed and symptom free for 72 hours and/or off all medications then these protocols should be followed: 
  • Two days of light activity – jogging, cycling on stationary cycles
  • No resistance training and no contact training and the session duration should be no more than 30 minutes total
  • A day of more complex training activities – joining in with team for running drills, skills drills, fitness type of training, resistance training. NO FULL CONTACT TRAINING.  Session duration should be no more than 45 minutes.
  • A day to resume normal training. Assess at the end of the session how overall health is and check in the following morning.

This return to play model is based on trust and expectations that parents and players treat the threat of this virus seriously. The vast majority will have a relatively mild illness and uneventful recovery, especially if vaccinated. If you have any questions or concerns your first point of call should involve your GP and above all keep in close contact with your coach.

We look forward to seeing everyone back on the sports field in a safe and comfortable manner. 


Criteria and Process for the Awarding of College Blues

Blues are awarded to students who are seniors in the College (Years 11-13).

There are three categories in which students can attain a Blue award;  Academic, Cultural and Sport.

The criteria and process for the awarding of College Blues is below. 

College Blues

Blues will be awarded at a Blues Assembly once a term.  These dates are published in the College calendar.

Our Facilities and Sponsors

Our College campus is centrally located in Wellington and has much to offer young sportsmen. We are proud to offer:

  1. A world class artificial turf - available till 5pm on weekdays
  2. The Marist St Pat’s rugby gym - available up to 5pm on weekdays
  3. An enclosed four-lane cricket training facility on the school grounds
  4. St Pat's gymnasium, which is used for inter-school basketball, volleyball and badminton competitions.
  5. Easy access to the Wellington Regional Aquatics Centre, Kilbirnie Park and Evans Bay 

To maintain these facilities and fund our teams we are very grateful for the support of the following partners. 


Our Partners

Be a part of the team

Many staff give freely of their time to help with running the sporting programme within the College. However, we still rely heavily on the goodwill of parents to contribute towards keeping our teams and codes active - from coaches and managers to transport and scoring.

If you’re a prospective or current parent interested in managing or coaching a team please feel free to contact:

Director of Sport Jonathan Millmow

[email protected]