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Junior Curriculum

The curriculum is kept deliberately broad with a core of seven compulsory subjects and a range of elective subjects so that you do not specialise too early. Year 9 is a good opportunity to try a wide variety of subjects.

Our curriculum is designed to offer students stimulating and challenging learning experiences and to ensure they are well prepared for gaining qualifications. We have a particular emphasis on developing students' literacy and numeracy skills. Students select a range of courses that provide the depth and breadth of curriculum and wider topic coverage. Specialised learning courses focus on learning through immersion and inquiry to develop deep content knowledge, critical and creative thinking skills and independent learning skills. Please make sure you have considered each of the electives by reading the information provided in this guide on each of the courses.

Year 9

All Year 9 students will study the following core curriculum subjects:

  1. English (3 periods per week)
  2. Mathematics (3 periods per week)
  3. Science (3 periods per week)
  4. Religious Education (3 periods per week)
  5. Social Sciences (3 periods per week)
  6. Physical Education (2 periods per week)
  7. Technology (2 periods per week).

Students choose FOUR elective courses. Students will take two courses each semester. 

Year 9 Course Information Booklet for 2024

Year 10

The focus of Year 10 is to build on this foundation and prepare students to successfully undertake NCEA level 1.

Students continue to study their core subjects and select FOUR electives from:

The Arts, English, Humanities, Languages, Science and Technology.

There will be opportunities for students to be extended and challenged. Some may be invited to study courses at Level 1 or higher, but this will be at the discretion of the HoD of the subject concerned and the Assistant Rector.

Year 10 Course Information Booklet for 2024

Student Orientation Guide

This is a guide to the code of conduct, school anthem, haka, and other information related to your time as a student at St Patrick's College.

Student Orientation Guide