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Modernisation and Resilience Masterplan continues

Two stages of the Colleges Modernisation and Resilience Masterplan continue to make great strides.

The PAC (Performing Arts Centre) is making good progress. The replacement of the roof is completed. The new extension on the northern side of the PAC which will become the new foyer has had its roof fully enclosed as well as the rear side walls of the foyer. The extension of the eastern side of the PAC is now complete and the frames have been installed. This is where the new drama suite will be held. The current schedule of the PAC is 26 August 2022.

‘Many old boys, including myself, who were educated at Kilbirnie, have seen no changes at the college in the last 40 years,’ says college rector Mike Savali. ‘This will change the landscape of the college and ensure its long-term future.’

The Palisade Wall is still on schedule. A lot of steel, soil removal, pouring of concrete and large and heavy machinery has gone into the installation of the 86, 17 metre deep foundation piles. patience and perseverance. The drilling team has completed 57 of the piles which have taken 171 concrete trucks or 741 cubic meters of cement. The completion date for the Wall is September 2022.

‘The palisade wall is vital for the long-term resilience of the college,’ says Mike Savali. ‘What’s important is for this campus to endure for another 100 years. That’s the key thing. The wall will provide stability for our buildings in the event of an earthquake and provide a safe learning environment for staff and students.’

LT McGuinness Ltd and St Patrick's College, Wellington continue to ensure the safety of our community by working together throughout this project.

Stage 3 of the plan, The Chanel Learning Hub and Library will start in September 2022.

For more information go to our Campus Masterplan page.