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St Pat's Celebrates Aotearoa School Libraries Week!

School Libraries week is all about celebrating the way school libraries can transform their communities and this year St Patrick's College Library is celebrating the way books transform their readers. Our library display called "Mirrors and Windows" reminds us of the way we see ourselves and others in the pages of a story. Books can be a mirror reflecting our own lives and bring a sense of belonging and identity, or a window into someone else's life and experience, building empathy and community. We are also celebrating books with competitions running all week in the library and online. Check out our Facebook for the daily Book Quotes Quiz and enter on the library website! On Wednesday students are going to the National Library to meet the finalists in the Children's Book Awards and on Thursday the teachers will take on the students in a winner take all battle for literature superiority - the Lit Quiz. Every day Ms Nicholson is transforming into a book character, reminding us of the variety of characters we can meet in the pages of a great book. We would love our whole community to get involved so make sure this week you check out the book quotes quiz, pick up a new book to read, or read to someone you love.