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Annual Appeal

Each year, St Patrick’s College will reach out to our community of parents and alumni to invite them to make a tax deductible gift to the St Patrick’s College Foundation.

The annual appeal provides an opportunity for our community to contribute towards any of the following funds:

Scholarship & Prizes Fund

These funds are used towards providing bursaries and scholarships to assist qualifying students as well as for the provision of academic prizes.

Financial Hardship Fund

These funds are used to assist with Attendance Dues for students whose families require this financial help to allow their sons to attend St Patrick’s College.

Teaching & Leadership Fund

These funds assist the ongoing professional development of our educational staff to ensure that we grow the knowledge and skills of our teachers. They also assist those young men who require Teacher Aides & other Learning Support in order to achieve their best results.

Student Experience Fund

These funds assist us to provide students with exceptional experiences across all aspects of the college life including sports, music, performing arts and cultural experiences.

Equipment & Technology Fund

These funds are used to purchase Chromebooks for use in the Library and as loan machines to meet the College’s BYOD requirement. These funds also assist the College with other technology & equipment purchases to ensure that we remain current with new technologies.

Building & Campus Enhancement Fund

These funds are used towards projects including the addition of new facilities and renovation of existing buildings.

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