Board of Proprietors

The Board of Proprietors is appointed by the Provincial of the Society of Mary to administer the College on their behalf and are the legal owners of the College.

The Board is responsible for ensuring the Special Character of the College is maintained and that property and maintenance needs are addressed.

The members of the Board are:

Mr Tony Joyce (Chair)
Mrs Patricia Cederwall
Mr David Ireland
Mrs Audrey Madigan

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the operations and management of the College.

The members of the Board are:

Mr John Campbell (Chair)
Mr Neal Swindells (Rector)
Mr Matt Appleby 
Mr Paul Berry
Vincent van Lierop (Student Representative)
Ms Alysha Doughterty (Staff Representative)
Mr David Ireland
Mr Basil Keane
Mrs Audrey Madigan

Mrs Angela Natoli
Mr Heston Stanley