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Our Motto

Sectare Fidem
Hold Firm to the Faith

Our motto reinforces the importance of our faith in shaping our boys into men who will contribute positively to society.

Our College Anthem

Teach us dear Lord, our Faith to hold,
Teach us to hope and trust in Thee;
Teach us the love that men of old
Learnt from St Patrick’s charity.

“Sectare fidem” is our rule
We’ll hold our faith while we have breath.
Loyal to home, Church, Crown and School
St Patrick’s sons we’ll remain till death.

Patrick who taught on Ireland’s shore
That very faith we share today.
Help us who now as ne’er before
Need Grace to keep God’s foes at bay.

“Sectare fidem”...

Pleasure and wealth, the crowd’s applause,
These are the prizes the world extols;
Teach us the values that were yours,
Patrick when you left all for souls.

“Sectare fidem”...