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Special Character

The Marist religious order of priests, brothers and sisters, called the Society of Mary, founded St Patrick’s College in 1885 and continues to remain an integral part of the College’s history and tradition.

St Patrick’s College is a Catholic school with a particular Marist charism meaning that we try to live the Gospel in the way that Mary, the mother of Jesus, did.

Being Marist involves reflecting on the glimpses we see of Mary in the Gospels and then applying her spirit to our lives. 

It is this special character and set of values that proudly sets St Patrick’s College Wellington apart from other schools.

A Marist Education

A Marist education encourages the individual to develop his talents and fosters reflection so that the person’s heart, mind, body and spirit may become fully engaged to serve in the wider world.

The Marist aim is for each student to be treated as a unique individual who is enabled to grow spiritually, academically, culturally, emotionally, physically and socially in a nurturing Catholic environment.

With the support of our Ministry team and skilled staff teachers we are proud to continue the tradition of a Marist education both in curriculum and in our day to day lives.

There is a network of eight Marist colleges in New Zealand and since commencing the very first Marist College in Belley, France, Marist education has spread across the globe.


Our Chapel

The Chapel at St Patrick’s College is an integral part of the life of the School.

The chapel is prominent from Evans Bay Parade and is situated in a central place within the school as it is the symbolic heart of our campus, reminding all of us each day to strive for the greater glory of God in all that we do.

It is our most sacred place where we gather regularly together to pray to our God in times of joy and times of sorrow. The celebration of the Eucharist continues to be a regular feature of College life.