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Pastoral Care

We are committed to ensuring our young people have the support and guidance they need to successfully progress through College.

Pastoral care of students is fundamental to the special character of St Patrick’s College and each student and teacher have support from a wide range of partners – Marist priests, Heads of House, Tutors, Learning leaders, subject Teachers, Learning Support, School Counsellor, Careers Counsellor, Faith and Service Co-ordinators and sporting coaches.

Each student health and wellbeing is cared for individually acknowledging the partnership that exists between the College and the child’s family.

One important way that we manage pastoral care is through the House and Tutor Group system.

Every new student is assigned to a House of which we have four:









Each House is then broken down into smaller Tutor Groups who meet daily with their Tutor teacher. The student will remain with the same Tutor teacher throughout their entire journey through the College from years 9-13. Over that period, the Tutor teacher will develop an understanding of each student so they can assist their development, growth and well-being.

House Leaders have overall responsibilities for a group known as a House, and are concerned with both the academic progress and behaviour of students in their care. House Leaders and Tutor Teachers work together closely to ensure that each student is able to make the best of the opportunities available to him, and to ensure any difficulties a student encounters can be overcome. House Leaders have an important role in counselling students on wise choice of courses.

Tutor Teachers have particular responsibilities for a smaller group of students within their House known as their Tutor Group. Tutor Teachers monitor a student’s progress, make sure a student’s behaviour facilitates his learning and that of others, and assist with any difficulties a student may encounter. Tutor Teachers also give advice on courses and refer students to specialist staff when necessary.