Welcome to St Patrick’s College, Wellington


St Patrick’s College has been challenging and educating our students for more than 130 years. The College has a wonderful tradition of working with families to develop boys and to shape them into good men who are well-educated, have a strong faith and who contribute positively to society.

We are first and foremost a Catholic College founded and owned by the Marist fathers and we work hard to maintain a strong Marist ethos. Our focus is holistic as we seek to develop the spiritual, academic, cultural, sporting and social aspect of every student. We expect our students to have high standards in everything they do and to put their faith into action.

Our College has students from many different ethnicities who love the sense of belonging and the Spirit that is unique to this school.

We offer a wide variety of academic subjects and a full range of sporting and cultural activities.

Our staff are dedicated and passionate about teaching boys and we pride ourselves on our ability to get to know and to care for every student.

I invite you to use this website as a starting point to discover how St Patrick’s College might develop the God-given gifts and talents of your son.

Wishing you every blessing.

Sectare Fidem

Mr Neal Swindells